Ph.D. Programmes

The Research Doctorate represents the highest Academic qualification. Ph.D. Programmes are meant to provide students with the necessary knowledge to perform highly qualified research activities in Public and Private bodies. Applicants are required to hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent title and are required to pass an entrance examination as foreseen by the call for admission. Students must complete a three years course and the Research Doctorate is awarded after the presentation of the dissertation.

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Ph.D. Courses

Biomedical Sciences

Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Paolo Busardò
Department: Biomedical Sciences and Public Health
Curriculum: not provided
Venue: Ancona

The educational project of the PhD course in BS integrates, in the three years of the PhD, basic and specialized training, research activity and read more…


Coordinator: Prof. Marco Cucculelli
Department: Scienze Economiche e Sociali
Curriculum: not provided
Venue: Ancona

The PhD program in Economics developed by the Department of Economics and Social Sciences is aimed at preparing economists and social scientists read more…

Human Health

Coordinator: Prof. Mario Guerrieri
Department: Experimental and Clinical Medicine
Curriculum: not provided
Venue: Ancona

The curriculum of the doctoral program in HH includes, during the three years of the doctoral program, the education of the doctoral student in research activity and teaching activity read more…

Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering And Architecture

Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Fatone
Department:Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture
1. Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering and Architecture
2. Digital, Sustainable And Resilient Built Environments
Venue: Ancona

The main educational project of this doctoral program focuses on the gain of good scientific investigational skills, a deeper understanding of the scientific approach read more…

Information Engineering

Coordinator: Prof. Franco Chiaraluce
Department: Ingegneria dell’Informazione
1.Biomedical, Electronics, Telecommunication Engineering and Nanotechnology
2.Informatics, Management and Automatics Engineering
Venue: Ancona

The Ph.D. Course in Information Engineering is designed to prepare highly-qualified students for careers in cutting-edge areas of information and communication technology read more…

Industrial Engineering

Coordinator: Prof. Giovanni Di Nicola
Department: Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
1. Mechanical engineering
2. Energy engineering
3. Materials engineering
Venue: Ancona

The main objective of the Ph.D. Course in Industrial Engineering is to prepare students to independently develop and conduct research projects in academic and industrial settings read more…

Management and Law

Coordinator: Prof.ssa Caterina Lucarelli
Department: Management
1. Business Economics and Management
2. Economic Law
Venue: Ancona

The Ph.D. program in Management and Law includes two curricula. The course aims to provide a deeper insight in business and law, by means of an interdisciplinary approach in the first year and the study read more…

Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Coordinator: Prof. Bruno Mezzetti
Department: Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari ed Ambientali
Curriculum: not provided
Venue: Ancona

The Ph.D. Course in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences aims to provide students with the tools necessary to start a research career in different areas of agriculture, food and environmental sciences read more…

Life And Environmental Sciences

Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Mariani
Department: Life And Environmental Sciences
1.Marine biology and ecology
2.Biomolecular sciences
3.Civil and environmental protection
Venue: Ancona

The overall goal is the academic training of highly qualified researchers endowed with cutting-edge technical skills and a scientific culture necessary to tackle interdisciplinary read more…





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