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Forest, Soils and Landscape Sciences

Degree code
LM73 – Forest and environmental sciences and technologies
Free – the adequacy of students’ knowledge will be tested
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Features and aims of the course


The course trains Masters’ degree students to analyse, design, manage, valorise, and monitor the rural and mountain territories and their resources.

Students will acquire competencies in:

  • Analysing and evaluating the rural landscape, forest and pastoral systems, agro-ecosystems and their multifunctionality, as well as the effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on the environment;
  • Planning and designing interventions on forest, pastoral, and landscape resources;
  • Protecting the soil from erosion and pollution;
  • Preserving, managing, and valorising the landscape and biodiversity in protected areas of high nature value; reconstructing and reutilising dismissed or degraded areas; restoring and preserving habitats on the basis of naturalistic criteria; managing forest and pastoral resources in a sustainable way; valorising products of the pastoral and forest-based industry, as well as lignocellulosic biomasses for energy supply and industrial purposes, and mountain farming.


  • Ecosystems biomonitoring
  • Geomatics for land management
  • Soil management and preservation
  • Management of agro-pastoral systems
  • Wood processing
  • Policies related to and evaluation of the agro-forest environment
  • Forest landscape analysis
  • Landscape integrated management
  • Zootechnical and faunistic management
  • Ecological forest planning


You will be able to exploit your expertise within:

  • National and international bodies dealing in the following fields: forest and environment, environmental quality, certification of forest and environmental products and processes
  • National and regional research bodies and services dealing in the Forest and environmental sector and in the field of environment and land development
  • Enterprises dealing with wood production/processing, wood by-products, and lignocellulosic biomasses
  • Enterprises dealing in the agro-silvo-pastoral, nursery, and agro-energy fields; enterprises in charge of the design, development, and maintenance of green spaces and of operations aimed at soil and water resources protection
  • Laboratories, offices, companies dealing in the field of Forest and environmental sciences and technologies

This course enables graduate students to conduct the liberal profession and to teach at secondary education institutions, after passing the State qualification test and the competitive examinations in conformity with the legislation.


Each discipline taught within the course is integrated by several activities carried out both in laboratory and on the field, as well as by excursions in the mountains, nature parks, and at processing enterprises.
The opportunity to earn academic credits, do a traineeship and/or write the thesis within international projects in more than 30 partner institutions all around the word

Wood and lignocellulosic biomasses processing, as well as plant genetics are the subjects of spin-off and research projects.


Course Coordinator:
Prof. Carlo Urbinati

Student Orientation and Tutoring Office:
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



Webinar Open Day

18 mar 2021


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