Faculty of Economics
“Giorgio Fuà”

Piazzale Martelli, 8 – Polo Villarey – Ancona
tel. 071.220.7000 – presidenza.economia@univpm.it

Segreteria Studenti: tel. 071.220.7215 – segreteria.economia@univpm.it

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

The programme provides an extensive education and training in the economic field, useful both for accessing the job market and the continuation of studies in the Master’s degree programmes.

Venue: San Benedetto del Tronto
In this course students will learn how to understand, analyze and manage the challenges that companies are facing today. One of these is the digital transformation process, fundamental for the learning economy.

Course in english

The Bachelor’s degree in Digital Economics and Business is a three-year degree course entirely taught in English with an interclass structure, which aims to integrate skills in the economic and business fields with IT skills and integrated database analysis skills…

Master’s Degree Courses

This Degree Course is designed to enable students to work in different financial fields, like banking and insurance, as actuaries, financial analysts and consultants. The course aims at teaching the fundamentals of economics, business management, statistics and law.

Course in english

The aim of the Master’s degree program in International Economics and Commerce is to train personnel with extensive economic and business competencies.

This second-cycle degree course is suited for students interested in a career as managers, entrepreneurs and consultants. The course will enable participants to develop the utmost theoretical and practical skills required to understand and solve business problems.

Management of Public Social and Healthcare Systems

Venue: San Benedetto del Tronto
This course aims at training students in the management of the Public Administration, Healthcare Agencies, Social Services, Social Territories, non-profit organizations, and of the related associations and networks.
This new course provides a high-level multidisciplinary approach combined with a high synergy of theoretical foundation and practical applications.  The course aims at developing competencies for the understanding and management of the various aspects of sustainability.
This new course is included in two different degree categories. It provides extensive training on big-data analysis and processing for handling business issues.