Sustainability Management and Circular Economy

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Sustainability Management and Circular Economy

Area Economics
Degree Code
LM 77 – Economic and Business Sciences
Language Italian
Free – the adequacy of students’ knowledge will be tested
Venue Ancona
Lectures On site and online

Features and aims of the course


This new course provides a high-level multidisciplinary approach combined with a high synergy of theoretical foundation and practical applications.  The course aims at developing competencies for the understanding and management of the various aspects of sustainability. The course offers interesting application prospects and favours students into the world of work, even with extra-curricular activities to be performed in cooperation with businesses and istitutions  promoting and pursuing sustainability.

The course aims at giving students advanced and interdisciplinary competencies to become professionals in new job areas, such as the governance and management of businesses, public institutions and profit- and non-profit organizations, that want to pursue sustainability and become financially, socially and environmentally competitive.


  • Sustainability management;
  • Sustainability, non-financial reporting and assurance;
  • Performance and sustainability assessment;
  • Sustainable finance and financial markets;
  • Green marketing;
  • Applications for bio-chain sustainability;
  • Applications for designing sustainable products;
  • An introduction to circular economy;
  • The creation of value and social sustainability;
  • Environment statistics;
  • Energy and environmental law.


The course has been set up with the aim of training experts (managers, consultants, analysists) in economic, social and environmental sustainability. Students will acquire the skills to guide businesses, public and private institutions, profit- and non-profit organizations towards sustainability. They will also be able to integrate, implement, consolidate and develop the managerial, economic, social and environmental aspects of a sustainable organization.


The course provides an innovative multidisciplinary approach and constant cross-cultural exchanges:

The course includes classes with representatives of real businesses, case studies, project works and simulations. It provides multidisciplinary competences along with managerial, economic, financial, technical, environmental and sociological skills, to train experts that can thoroughly understand and manage the various aspects of business sustainability.


President of the course:
Prof. Marco Giuliani

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



Webinar Open Day

30 may 2022