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Building Engineering

Degree code
LM-24 – Engineering of Building Systems
Free – the adequacy of students’ knowledge will be tested
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Features and aims of the course


The Masters’ Degree course in Building Engineering forms a new profile of construction engineers. This new professional profile has not only the typical competencies of the Building engineer, in topics such as integrated building design, construction management, technology of structures and installations, but also in the new sectors of strategic importance and in topics such as digitalisation of the building process, environmentally sustainable design, project and facility management, automation of building systems, and home automation. The Building Engineer trained at UNIVPM is put at the centre of the current digitisation process of the building sector. This professional profile is able to coordinate all the specialisms involved in the project of a building through the use of BIM (business information management) technologies and of technical and operating systems control.


The Masters’ Degree course offers three curricula:

  • Management and Safety of Building construction:
    • Topography
    • Site survey methods
    • Construction sites
    • Foundations of Automation
    • Electrical engineering
    • Techniques and technologies for automation
    • Model and Simulation Engineering
    • Procedures for building design
    • Project and construction management
    • Project Engineering for Construction
    • Forensic Engineering
    • Business economics
    • Management and control of building processes
    • Historic buildings and development
    • Installation and air-conditioning
    • Facility Management
    • Safety at work and Labour law

  • Installations and Control Systems:
    • Environmental Technical Physics
    • Hydraulics
    • Installation and air-conditioning
    • Energy from renewable sources
    • Construction materials technologies
    • Building energy design
    • Hydraulic construction
    • Management and control of building processes
    • Building Construction Types
    • Building Constructions
    • Constructions sustainability
    • Urban planning
    • Electrical engineering
    • Foundations of Automation
    • Techniques and technologies for automation

  • Building Structures Technology:
    • Construction materials technologies
    • Structural materials for engineering
    • Building science
    • Structural engineering
    • Structural dynamics
    • Structures in seismic zones
    • Geotechnical engineering
    • Foundations and retaining walls
    • Structures design
    • Historic buildings and development
    • Structural rehabilitation

Moreover, students are free to tailor the training path on the basis of their inclinations, by choosing autonomously some classes, which will allow them to shape a professional profile in line with their personal aptitudes.


The course target is represented by students interested in developing a multidisciplinar professional profile in the sector of constructions, as well as by students interested in the design of building structures, in businesses management and in the production of building components. The course target is represented by students interested in becoming experts in the building industry emerging sectors such as Digital Construction Management, Facility Management, design of smart buildings, home automation and study of structural technologies for the building sector.


The course in Building Engineering is the only Master’s degree course in Italy that, through three structured curricula, provides competencies in the building industry emerging sectors such as eco-design, home automation, digital construction, BIM, and new materials. The course in Building Engineering is organised within and delivered through the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICEA). The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research has included the DICEA among the Italian Departments of excellence. DICEA is also ranked among the best Italian research departments in the building sector. The department is composed of four sections, seven laboratories, and one accredited calibration centre equipped with devices to test materials. The course aim is to experiment innovative training paths strongly integrated with leading businesses and international research. Professors and researchers live and interact with students on a day-to-day basis and benefit from a constant cultural and intellectual exchange. Innovative ideas, further developed in cooperation with universities, organisations, foreign businesses and research institutes, are generated and become part of an avantgarde training program.


President of the course:
Prof.ssa Francesca Stazi

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



Webinar Open Day

23 June 2022


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