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Computer and Automation Engineering

Degree code
L8 – Information Engineering
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Features and aims of the course


The course has a highly interdisciplinary approach that aims to model engineers with solid educational background in basic ICT subjects and in disciplines that characterize that field (computer science, industrial automation, electronics, telecommunications), all the while letting them specialize in specific aspects of modern computer systems development and in robotic, industrial and mechatronic systems modelling and control. This type of education meets the cultural, professional and working needs of the modern “information society”, in which information and automation technologies play, and will continue to play, a central role in redesigning and innovating all aspects of people’s lives as well as the development of economic activities, while shaping versatile professional figures, highly requested on the global market, and allowing them to further pursue studies through a master’s degree at the University of Ancona, or other universities both in Italy and abroad.


The Course includes a study plan for students with interdisciplinary interests in computer engineering and automation, and study plans for students more interested in either information technology or automation.

IT subjects:

  • Foundations of Informatics
  • Object Programming
  • Databases
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture and Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Programming
  • Web Technologies
  • Software Engineering

Automation subjects:

  • Foundations of Automation
  • Automatic Control
  • Technologies for Automation and Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Automation Methods and Techniques
  • Modelling and Identification of Dynamic Processes
  • Assisted Computer Modelling of Control Systems
  • Automation Laboratory


The demand for Computer and Automation Engineering graduates, due to their versatility and the breadth of their preparation, is increasingly growing on the labour market. Graduates will be able to work in:

  • innovative software houses & start-ups;
  • businesses producing goods and/or services;
  • Businesses providing Internet computing and Web infrastructures services;
  • industrial laboratories;
  • energy production, transformation and distribution plants;
  • manufacturing industry, public administration sectors, and service companies;
  • companies operating in industrial automation, robotics, in the automotive field, and in the mechatronic systems field;
  • companies operating in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, transport and environmental protection sectors.


Various study plans allow the student to choose freely between both computer science and automation, and offer excellent job opportunities due to the acquired flexible and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.

The education, encompassing both theoretical and practical multidisciplinary skills and knowledge though through highly professionalizing laboratory activities and direct encounters with the main work situations of the sector, is furthermore enriched by over 250 agreements with universities from around the world, which make it possible to obtain a scholarship to study abroad for a period of time.


President of the course:
Prof. Gianluca Ippoliti

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



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10 feb 2021


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