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Health Professions of Technical Sciences (Diagnostic)

Area Medicine and Surgery
Degree Code LM SNT3 – Healthcare and Healthcare Techniques
Language Italian
Admission National admission test – no. 20 places
Venue Ancona
Lectures On site

Features and aims of the course


The Course will provide master’s-level training to equip students with the skills needed to be used in the processes of assistance, management, education and research of one of the areas of the following healthcare professions that fall under the same Degree Class (Technik and Diagnostics): Audiometrist, Neurophysiopathology Technician, Biomedical Laboratory Technician, X-Ray Technician.

The programme will enable the students to develop their professional skills and knowledge through learning and teaching methods that put theory into practice by combining lectures and practical sessions.


The programme initially provides a foundation in biology and clinical science to favour the cooperation among the different healthcare operators. Later the programme will be integrated with subjects like healthcare management, healthcare law, human sciences, pedagogical and psychological sciences, computer science and research methods.

The programme is made up of modules normally involving a mixture of lectures, practical sessions and laboratory work.

The academic study is then complemented with a clinical placement and a variety of lab sessions through which students will achieve the required competences in health technologies and diagnostics.


This course prepares students for a career in:

  • management of health centres (present departments for healthcare professions), in NHS hospitals, research centres and any organization providing healthcare or conducting healthcare research;
  • Any NHS or private hospitals or centres providing healthcare services or conducting health research ;
  • Higher education institutions as tutors or coordinators of clinical placements,
  • Industries or agencies producing or selling diagnostic equipment
  • University or non-university biomedical research-centres;
  • As independent healthcare professionals.


President of the course:
Andrea Giovagnoni

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038


Webinar Open Day

30 mar 2021


The course in numbers


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