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Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques

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Degree Code
L/SNT3 – Technical health professions
Italian – English
National Admission Test
Venue Ancona, Via Tronto 10/B, Torrette, 60126 AN – (30 places)
Ascoli Piceno, Via degli Iris, 63100 AP – (15 places)
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Features and aims of the course


Graduates in Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques are experts in the use of devices and equipment emitting artificial and natural ionizing radiations, thermal energies, ultrasounds, nuclear magnetic resonance. They can also work in dosimetric and physical protectionstics. They can participate in the planning and organization of the agenda of the department they work in, at least within their competencies, deliver the services which they are responsible for, in direct cooperation with radiodiagnostic and nuclear practitioners, radiotherapists and health physicians. In addition, they constantly control that the devices and machineries they work with function properly and safely.


In addition to fundamental subjects such as physics, information technology, anatomy, physiology, biomedical and radiobiological sciences, the course provides the teaching of the following specific subjects:

  • Traditional and contrastographic images diagnostics
  • Diagnostic imaging in computed tomography (TC)
  • Diagnostic imaging in Magnetic Resonance (RM)
  • Post-processing software systems and image archiving systems
  • Diagnostic imaging in Nuclear Medicine (MN)
  • High-definition imaging techniques
  • High-definition imaging diagnostics in Angiography and Interventional
  • Oncological radiotherapy
  • Organization of health services


Graduates in Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques will be able to work in:

  • Private and public Imaging and Radiotherapy Departments and Centers, care homes and research centers;
  • Industries and agencies for the production and sale of machineries and devices for imaging and radiotherapy diagnostics
  • Biomedical university and non-university research centers.
  • As freelance professionals


President of the course:
Prof. Gabriele Polonara

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038


Webinar Open Day

16 feb 2021


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