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Digital Economics and Business

Area Economics
Degree code Interclass: L-33 Economic Sciences & L-18 Business Administration
Language English
Admission Free
Venue Ancona
Lectures On site and online*
Website DEB – Home

* only for the lectures of the first semester of the first year

Features and aims of the course


The Bachelor’s degree in Digital Economics and Business is a three-year degree course entirely taught in English with an interclass structure L-33 (Economics) and L-18 (Economics and Business Administration) which aims to integrate skills in the economic and business fields with IT skills and integrated database analysis skills, to train graduates able to apply a data-driven approach to the selection and processing of information to support decision-making processes. This Course intends to train three professional figures – the data-driven economic and financial analyst, the data-driven business analyst, and the data analyst for economics and business – who can produce relevant information starting from the analysis of data relating to the corporate business and to real and financial markets in order to guide and support the management of companies and institutions in decision-making processes.


  • Mathematics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Business Economics and Accounting
  • IT Law
  • Computer Science
  • Statistics
  • Business Management and Digital Applications
  • Business Information Systems
  • Industrial Economics and Digital Transformation
  • Financial Statement Analysis/Corporate Finance
  • International Economics
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing and Digital Applications
  • Social Network Analysis/Financial Economics
  • Statistics and Machine Learning/Financial Mathematics
  • Planning and Control/Finance and Fintech


  • data-driven economic and financial analyst: these professional figures perform economic-financial analysis and consultancy functions, built on a data-driven approach that provides relevant information as results of selection and processing of data relating to real and financial markets
  • data-driven business analyst is a figure who, using a data-driven approach and IT skills related to information systems, can produce, and select information relating to the company business, competitive and marketing strategies and the main financial analysis, corporate finance and planning and control tools
  • data analyst for economics and business is a figure able to examine datasets through quantitative analyses, to process information useful for direct and support the decision-making process in the various company functions and / or in the public sector institutions, operating within companies themselves or as an external consultant
  • or after the bachelor’s degree, students can continue their educational path with the master’s degree


This bachelor’s degree represents an original and innovative educational offer at the national level among public universities, where three-year bachelor’s degrees in the business-economics field entirely taught in English do exist, but none of these include IT content and related to digital aspects.
There is a single curriculum where part of the second and third year are designed in such a way as to allow the students to specialize their skills in the economic-financial or economic-business fields, while the elective courses, which also include internships, allow students who are particularly interested in IT-statistical technical skills to further develop and consolidate them.
Almost all the individual courses include several hours of laboratory and project works.
During the three-year period, the students of the course will also be able to take advantage of the opportunities of the Erasmus + and Campus World international exchange projects, as well as of the exchange agreements stipulated with various foreign universities.


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