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Green Industrial Engineering

Area Engineering
Degree Code
LM-30 – Energy and Nuclear Engineering
Language English (Level B2)
Free – the adequacy of students’ knowledge will be tested
Venue Pesaro, Via Petrarca 18
Lectures On site

Features and aims of the course


The course has an international character, and it is held in English by professors highly active not only in research but also in education; moreover the course has been thought in strong cooperation with University of Urbino and with industries operating in international markets. The course deepens and integrates basic knowledge acquired by students within the Bachelor’s Degree with advanced and specialized knowledge both in traditional sectors of energy engineering and in innovative ones related to the energy transition.

The course is organized as follows: the first year of the course provides a strong knowledge on energy systems, sustainable energy, smart grids, data science and 3 E (energy-environmental-economy) policy; the second year students can choose between two curricula:

  • “Sustainable manufacturing”, addressed to sustainability and energy efficiency in final uses, in particular industrial ones;
  • “Sustainable energy transition” addressed to the impact of energy transition in the overall energy systems from generation (from both renewable and fossil fuel), to distribution, storage and final demand of energy in all its forms (electric, thermal, chemical…)


Training activities cover the following fields:

  • Energy conversion and storage systems
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Electrical Machines and Smart Grids
  • Structural design of energy systems
  • Data Science for Eco-sustainability
  • Environmental economics and policy


Then according to the curriculum chosen the training activities could be:

  • Energy Efficiency in Production Systems
  • Advanced Sustainable Production Systems
  • Theoretical and Applied Ecology
  • Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance
  • Chemical processes and plants for circular bioeconomy
  • Heat and Mass transfer
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics for Energy Engineering
  • Geothermal Resources


The Course trains multi-purpose professional figures, able to perform correctly within:

  • companies (where they can perform in: i) the energy management and energy efficiency of the whole industrial plant as energy manager and ISO 50001 certification; ii) the supervision and coordination of the team in charge of maintenance of the energy plants, networks and machinery within the plant; iii) in the sustainable design of products;…);
  • Energy Service Companies (as project manager, as responsible for energy audits and supervisor of implementation of energy efficiency programs at final customers…)
  • Oil and Gas companies: as project manager, designer,…
  • Private and public energy Utilities;
  • Public Administrations as energy manager of buildings and facilities and responsible for green public procurement;
  • institutional research centres or companies (where they will analyse literature, apply and/or develop innovative methodologies and support the research in fields related to the energy transition);
  • as freelancer and private consultant for all the aforementioned companies


The course has been thought in close cooperation with leading and multinational companies. Moreover the course widens knowledge on energy sector by multidisciplinary disciplines such as data science and artificial intelligence, circular economy, energy, environmental and economic policy; structural design.


Course Coordinator:
Prof. Gabriele Comodi

International Students’ Admission Office

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038

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