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Industrial and Information Engineering

Area Engineering
Degree code L-P03 – Industrial and Information Technical Professions
Language Italian
Admission Restricted at local level, n. 50 places
Venue Pesaro, Via Petrarca 18
Lectures On site

Features and aims of the course


This professionalizing course aims to provide students with the skills necessary to practice their profession.
The course is structured so that, in addition to grounding, vocational subjects are introduced by the first year in order to train engineers with electrical, energy and mechanical engineering skills, with particular reference to the following areas of expertise: electrical systems and home automation systems, heat engineering, energy systems, industrial plants, energy efficiency, renewable sources.
In line with its professionalizing nature, the Course reserves a significant number of credits for laboratory activities and for carrying out the work placement within professional firms and companies.


  • Electric systems for renewable sources;
  • Heat engineering and air-conditioning systems;
  • Electrical systems;
  • Technical and industrial plants;
  • Home and office automation systems;
  • Thermal, refrigeration and cogeneration plants;
  • Energy machines and systems
  • Automation systems;
  • Electrical engineering
  • ICT systems;
  • Electrical measurements;
  • IT technologies and techniques;
  • 3D modelling and drawing of plants;
  • Relevant technical regulations.


The Industrial and Information Systems graduate will be able to work both as a freelancer and as an institution/company employee, be it in the public or private sector and working on electrical, energy or thermal engineering tasks or tasks involving mechanics. Notably, Industrial and Information Systems graduates can join the Italian Order of Industrial Experts and Industrial Engineers and therefore work as a freelancer or as a graduated Industrial Engineer.


The course strongest point is its highly career-oriented feature, which enables students to directly access the labour market.

In fact, through numerous hours dedicated to laboratory activities and to traineeship projects in professional offices and/or companies, graduate students is technically read to directly access the labour market as both, a freelancer and an employee in private and public companies. In particular, the course provides career-oriented competencies in some of the most requested professional fields as: electrical, thermotechnical and service wiring; renewable sources and energy efficiency.


Course Coordinator:
Prof. Costanzo Di Perna

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038