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Management Engineering

Degree code
LM-31 – Engineering Management
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Fermo, Via Brunforte 47, 63900 FM
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Features and aims of the course


The Master’s Degree Course in Management Engineering allows for the acquisition of a robust basic technical training, integrating the preparation achieved in the three-year Degree Course and further expanding interdisciplinary knowledge. The specific training objectives of the Degree Program are:

  • the deepening of the preparation in the subjects characterizing the class, as well as in the related ones, with a high level knowledge of the technical-scientific problems of the different sectors that are the basis of the applications and engineering innovations;
  • the acquisition of the aptitude to work in multidisciplinary teams, with particular regard to the aspects of innovation;
  • the acquisition of the ability to integrate the knowledge and to interface with specialists from different areas;
  • the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in the areas in which Management Engineers traditionally operate.


The study plan is based on teaching aimed both at the completion of basic technical training and at specialization for the training of highly qualified professionals. To this purpose, the student has the possibility of choosing between three newly activated curricula:

  • Sustainable production and logistics: the curriculum trains specialists for organizational and managerial roles in both production systems and industrial logistics systems in order to combine economic and production aspects with environmental and social sustainability
  • Digitization and analysis of corporate information: the curriculum trains specialists for the management of complex and innovative services through the introduction of the most modern digital technologies necessary to make solutions more efficient and sustainable
  • Sustainable innovation of products and processes: the curriculum trains specialists able to manage the innovation of products and business processes with the aim of introducing new technologies and making the processes of product design and manufacturing more efficient


The degree in Management Engineering offers career opportunities in many fields and across a wide spectrum of organizations, such as industrial and service companies, consulting firms, financial institutions and public administrations.

The main tasks performed concern:

  • supply and management of materials
  • production management
  • quality management
  • project management
  • organization and automation of production systems and industrial logistics
  • management of technological transformation processes
  • management of ecological transition and sustainable development processes
  • management of digital transition processes
  • management of corporate restructuring
  • company organization
  • cost analysis, economic planning and control and investment analysis
  • industrial marketing
  • innovation management
  • consultancy activity


  • Possibility to choose between three new curricula oriented to the management of ecological and digital transition processes, and to sustainable innovation of products and processes
  • Close relationship with companies, confirmed by the very high number of curricular internships (almost all of them) carried out within companies of the most varied sectors (manufacturing, logistics and services)
  • Seminar activities, company meetings and presentations of case studies on relevant issues that constitute an added value of a practical-applicative nature in the training of the Management Engineer (also aimed at curricular internship)
  • High demand for master’s degrees in Management Engineering by medium and large companies


President of the course:
Prof. Archimede Forcellese

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



Webinar Open Day

17 June 2022


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