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Health Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences

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Degree Code
LM SNT2 – Health professions for rehabilitation
National Admission Test – No. 40 places
Venue Pesaro, Via Lombroso s.n., 61122 PU
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Features and aims of the courses


This Course is designed to give students advanced training to work efficiently in the processes of assistance, management, education and research within the different healthcare professions included in the Degree Class (Chiropodist, Physiotherapist, Logotherapist, Orthoptist – Assistant in Ophtalmology, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technician, Occupation Therapist, Professional Educator, neuro-psychomotor therapist). Graduates from this master’s course will have acquired advanced competencies in healthcare, education and prevention to meet the health needs of patients of all ages, and to promote the quality of socio-health services. Graduates will be able to plan and manage the work of the healthcare personnel; to respond to the needs of the patients; to develop new work organization methods even through technological and computer innovations; to plan and organize pedagogic and educational events in accordance with EU operational standards. Students will also learn how to use an integrated approach to organizational and managerial problems related to health professions, considering the knowledge acquired in techniques and procedures of health management, in consideration of their own and others’ competencies. They will be also able to work in education and research.


In the first year of the course students will primarily acquire the main concepts and methodologies of the 4 competence areas:
– Research: methods of statistics and epidemiology that will be transferred to research in the health, clinical and social aspects of disability. Research methodology for a health practice, based on scientific evidences.
– Specific topics: physiological fundamentals of functional rehabilitation.
– Management: principles and methods of health economics and planning; insight into administrative and labour law
– Education: pedagogic models, models of adult learning from experience and tutoring methods.

Students will have to carry out a placement period and several seminars in accredited centres. These experiences aim to improve the students’ skills in rehabilitation.

The second year aims to implement the above-listed acquired theoretic models and methodologies keeping an eye on future careers:
– Research: analysis of qualitative and quantitative research and training for the deductions of implications in rehabilitation
– Specific topics: insight into the most relevant clinical and organizational progresses in neuroscience and rehabilitation.
– Management: insight into the direction and management of rehabilitation services, management of human resources, planning of organizational integration tools and quality assessment of performances
– Education: insight into the planning and management of basic and advanced education systems, teaching methods, education groups, for the implementation of specific educational events of the rehabilitation professions.

The course includes a placement period in accredited centres (Direction of health professions, Education services, Research centres, Quality assessment offices).


The career opportunities for graduates of this course are mainly as managers of health centres (organization/supervision of the centre and efficient delivery of the services), as teachers in universities, trainers and researchers.
The course prepares students to become Researchers and technicians in health sciences and Specialists in health sciences for Rehabilitation. Graduates can also pursue a career in teaching and education in clinical, academic and research contexts and as professional tutors/coordinators of study courses of the same category.

The main career opportunities are:
– Manager of health centres;
– Manager of first level vocational study courses;
– Teacher in healthcare study courses;
– Researcher at public and private research centres.


President of the course:
Prof. Maria Gabriella Ceravolo


Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038


Webinar Open Day

14 June 2022