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Data Science for Business Management

Area Economics
Degree Code
LM-56 – Economics and LM-91 – Methods and Techniques for the information society
Language Italian
Free – the adequacy of students’ knowledge will be tested
Venue Ancona
Lectures On site

Features and aims of the course


This new course is included in two different degree categories. It provides extensive training on big-data analysis and processing for handling business issues.
The course provides students with the competences needed for the analysis of the complex macro- and microeconomic scenarios that affect business strategies and decisions. The students will learn how to use information technologies to process big data in observance of the legislation in force.


The objective of the course is to give students competencies on business, law, statistics, econometrics and IT, necessary for big data processing to be used for extensive analyses of the phenomena under investigation.

The course includes the following subjects:

  • Big Data econometrics, Economics of ITC
  • Introduction to computational statistics
  • Statistical methods for the analysis of big data
  • Performance measurement and business analytics
  • Data protection and human resources
  • Relational and new generation databases
  • Analysis and evaluation of public policy
  • Big data engineering
  • Data analysis for business decisions
  • Economics of innovation
  • Macroeconomics for professionals
  • Smart data analytics
  • Sociology of organizations
  • Web marketing (in English)


The course will help you prepare for the following professions

  • Statistical analyst,
  • ICT sales professional,
  • Market analyst,
  • Economist,
  • Business administrator,
  • Researcher in Economics and Statistics


The cross-disciplinary approach, the innovative didactic tools, the analysis of case studies and the development of projects in collaboration with private and public organizations will enable graduates to have a broad range of career options to choose from, in areas as diverse as industry, services, research, public administration.


President of the course:
Prof. Francesco Maria Chelli

Ufficio Orientamento e Tutorato
Tel: +39 071 2203037 – 3038



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